Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mica: President "Stonewalling" Congress from More Terror Attack Details

Rep. John Mica says that the White House is stonewalling Congress on information about preparedness in view of the attempted terror attack.

"Mica is calling for TSA to reorganize and send more of their screeners overseas to prevent any other terror suspects from slipping through the cracks."

Here's a link to his full press release.

The TSA doesn't have a head, but only because it took 9 months to find a nominee. Senator DeMint has placed a hold on this nominee in an effort to ensure that the TSA is not unionized, which would put its role in protecting our national security at risk if there were ever a strike or even if a TSA employee needed to be fired.

Mica's push for a comprehensive overhaul is long overdue.

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