Friday, January 15, 2010

Tom Garcia Launches Heroic Relief Effort in Haiti

On Tuesday night, devastation struck the island of Haiti. As soon as news broke, Tom Garcia, candidate for Congress in Florida’s 24th district, got in touch with other candidates across the state and established a coalition for Haitian relief. The candidates discussed a strategy for relief for half of the night. At 1:00 am, the plan was finalized, Garcia had located a water purification expert who had led other disaster relief missions, a Cessna was filled with high-level purifiers and the two flew into Port au Prince.

Touching ground, Garcia, a former naval commander, spent the first day distributing food and medicine to locals. On the second day, after the blockade around the airport was lifted, Garcia set out to purify drinking water for hundreds of civilians. Traveling throughout the greater Port au Prince area, Garcia came across a three room medical clinic that was still function, but had lost power. Connecting four car batteries and an inverter, Garcia reestablished power to the clinic, thereby helping hundreds of people receive medical care.

The other co-chairs of the statewide initiative are Bernard Sansaricq, a renown human rights leader who has fought for decades to end child slavery and improve living conditions across the board, business innovator Ed Lynch, who is widely credited with the resignation of Robert Wexler, and Yomin Postelnik, a business and non-profit development leader and conservative stalwart who established a relief hotline and coordinated with volunteers on the ground.

Sansaricq is running to unseat Alcee Hastings, Lynch is running to replace Wexler and is slated to address CPAC as one of the GOP’s top new candidates. Postelnik is running for state house and has recently been endorsed by Major General Paul Vallely and numerous other conservative leaders. All have praised the heroic efforts of Commander Tom Garcia, issuing a joint statement saying “all Americans and fellow candidates can be proud of the heroic efforts of Tom Garcia, who risked his life to bring relief to thousands of people. Commander Garcia exudes the type of leadership that America needs now more than ever.”

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mica: President "Stonewalling" Congress from More Terror Attack Details

Rep. John Mica says that the White House is stonewalling Congress on information about preparedness in view of the attempted terror attack.

"Mica is calling for TSA to reorganize and send more of their screeners overseas to prevent any other terror suspects from slipping through the cracks."

Here's a link to his full press release.

The TSA doesn't have a head, but only because it took 9 months to find a nominee. Senator DeMint has placed a hold on this nominee in an effort to ensure that the TSA is not unionized, which would put its role in protecting our national security at risk if there were ever a strike or even if a TSA employee needed to be fired.

Mica's push for a comprehensive overhaul is long overdue.

Thank You Sen. DeMint

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) has been a lone voice in blocking the nomination of Errol Southers to head the TSA. His reason for blocking the nomination was that he'd received no assurances that Southers won't implement DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano's plan to unionize the TSA.

This link points out how unionizing the TSA is a security risk.

They should also state the obvious, that unionizing the TSA would make it harder to fire bad employees. That's a security concern.

Debka Reports Gladdening Update - US drones wipe out top al Qaeda leaders in Yemen

Large part of al Qaeda leadership in Yemen and Somalia wiped out last week.

DEBKAfile's counter-terror sources report that the air strike in eastern Yemen Thursday, Dec. 24, which left more than 30 dead, was in fact a US drone attack which wiped out a large part of al Qaeda's leadership in Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

Among them were two high-ranking Yemeni al Qaeda operatives Saud al Qahtani, Mohammed Amir, al Qaeda's commander in Saudi Arabia, Saad Shahani, and Anwar al Awkali, the American imam who preached to US. Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the gunman who murdered 13 US military personnel at Ford Hood, Texas last month.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Washington Examiner: Napolitano wants to unionize TSA employees despite safety concerns

Why politics shouldn't trump safety

By: Mark Hemingway
Commentary Staff Writer
12/28/09 11:37 AM EST

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano hasn't exactly inspired confidence after proclaiming "the system worked" in response to the recent thwarted terrorist attack. A radical Islamic terrorist -- whose father had warned the U.S. embassy of his dangerous intentions -- smuggled explosives on board a flight into the U.S. and nearly detonated them. It was hardly a victory for Homeland Security. In fact, this paper called for her resignation this morning.

Well, as if that weren't bad enough, Napolitano was already at work undermining security measures long before the most recent terrorist attacks. Over the weekend, Senator Jim DeMint, R-S.C.,
sounded the alarm about the Obama administration's attempts unionize Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) employees:

The administration is intent in on unionizing and submitting our airport security to union bosses [and] collective bargaining, and this is at a time, as Senator Lieberman says, we've got to use our imagination we've got to be constantly flexible. We have to out think the terrorists. When we formed the airport security system we realize we could not use collective bargaining and unionization because of that need to be flexible. Yet that appears to be the top priority of the administration.

The flexibility that DeMint speaks of is crucial. After a British airliner bombing plot was uncovered in 2006, the TSA overhauled security procedures in a matter of 12 hours to deal with the threat of liquid explosives. It's difficult to imagine that kind of flexibility under ossified union rules.

Telegraph: British University Complicit in Terror Attack

The British Telegraph cares about the future direction of its country and the radicalization of its youth. Is it because universities have shunned traditional morals and values that any sane person has believed in for thousands of years that youth now flock to the evil masquerading as values that is radical jihad?

University College London, where Abdulmutallab was recently president of the Islamic Society, has been criticised for “failing grotesquely” to prevent extremists from giving lectures on campus.

UCL has been heavily criticised in the past for its relaxed attitude to radical preachers, and security agencies are investigating whether it was there that Detroit bomber Abdulmutallab was recruited by al-Qaeda sympathisers.